Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Woman survives 12 days in the wilds of Canada


The 25-year-old woman escaped an attack and vanished

Her family says she is recovering, but still in bad shape
 A man is charged with aggravated assault, sexual assault, obstructing an officer The family of a 25-year-old Canadian woman, who authorities say survived 12 days in the bush, said Thursday she is recovering but still in bad shape

Before reappearing last week, she was last seen on July 14 on the north end of the O'Chiese First Nation reserve, according to a statement from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta.

She escaped an attack and vanished, it said, emerging 12 days later.

The woman's uncle said she suffered head and pelvic injuries and will need to undergo reconstructive surgery on her jaw. Her feet are also in bad shape as she had no shoes, he said.

The woman remains hospitalized.

She survived by drinking river water and eating berries, according to a report by The Canadian Press.

Citing RCMP Cpl. Nick Munro, it said investigators believe that the woman was in a truck with four other people when it got stuck.

Three of them went for help. When they didn't return, the woman and a man started walking. He allegedly then hit her in the face and attempted to sexually assault her, The Canadian Press said.

The woman reportedly fled and got turned around.

She was eventually found by an oilfield worker on a dirt road, The Canadian Press said. He called authorities.

Kevin Roy Gladue, 36, is charged with aggravated assault, sexual assault and obstructing a peace officer, the RCMP statement said.


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

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